• Katie Franklin

5 Reasons to Walk Your Dog Everyday

Physical Exercise

Walking your dog every day is a great way to help your dog stay fit & active. Maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the risk of your dog developing a number of illnesses such as hypertension, liver disease and diabetes. And one of the easiest ways to keep your dog fit is by walking them every day. Walking is good your dog’s muscles and joints, and it’s a great way to help shed some extra pounds if your dog is overweight. And the regular cardio that a daily walk provides can improve mood and energy levels.

Mental Exercise

The daily walk is the one time a day your dog has a chance to go out and explore the neighborhood. And since dogs explore with their nose don’t forget to give them a chance to use it. When you’re out on your walk let them sniff around for some extra mental stimulation and enrichment

To keep the dogs walk fun remember to switch up your routine once in a while by going to a different neighborhood or checking out a new park or trail.

Boosts Confidence

Another reason to walk your dog every day is that it’s a great for confidence. Having a daily routine will help boost your dog's confidence, and your daily walk is a big part of that structure. A daily routine will give your dog structure and stability, and that level of predictability goes a long way to boosting confidence, especially in shy or fearful dogs. One of the best ways to keep your dog happy and confident is by creating a daily routine for your dog that includes fun activities such as the daily walk and interactive play.


Walking with your dog will help with socialization by exposing them to different people, dogs and situations. Although the majority of socialization happens when your dog is a pup it’s important to keep up on those skills by continually introducing your dog to new people and situations. Switching up your route, such as going to a different neighborhood, trail or park, will give your dog a chance to experience a variety of environments and situations. For shy or fearful dogs remember to take it slow to avoid over stimulation.

Reinforces Your Bond

Another reason to walk your dog every day is that it’s a great way to reinforce the bond you have with your dog. It’s one relatively easy thing you can do each day that brings your dog so much joy. Spending quality time with your dog makes that bond stronger, and the daily walk is one of the most rewarding activities around. Trust is a big part of the bonding process, and by walking your dog every day you’re showing them that you’re someone they can depend on and trust for their daily needs.


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